How We Lube

In the mechanical keyboard community, people most often use different lubricants for linear and tactile switches. After many experimenting and listening to others opinions, we use the universally best technique of lubing so that everyone can finally experience extremely smooth and thoccy switches!

Our technique consists of eliminating friction in all parts of the switch (except for the legs of a tactile switch to keep tactility). We use Krytox 205g0 for linear switches and Tribosys 3203 for tactile switches. For springs we bag oil them with Krytox GPL 105.

Why Krytox 205g0 for Linear Switches and Tribosys 3203 for Tactile Switches?

Linear Switches that have a deep sound and extreme buttery smoothness is most preferred by the mechanical keyboard community and Krytox 205g0 does exactly what the community wants. While Tactile Switches are most preferred when they have a nice and crisp bump while still having the smoothness when pressing the switch. So thinner lubricants like Tribosys 3203 are most used when lubing tactile switches.

Technique in Order

Bottom Housing

We first slightly dip a small sized brush into the Krytox 205g0 (Linears) / Tribosys 3203 (Tactiles), then we stroke the brush until excess lube / white clumps are non-existent. The bottom housing consists of two slider columns and a center column. These columns make contact with the rails of the stem causing friction. So from the bottom to the top, we brush one side of the slider column three times and the other three times on the other side of the brush to ensure consistency. The outside of the center column makes contact with the spring causing friction. So we brush around the center column one time. *FOR TACTILE SWITCHES It is very important to avoid lubing the leaf of the stem as it is where the legs will be making contact


Krytox GPL 105 is the most used lubricant for bag lubing springs. The bag lubing springs has become the go-to technique as it is very fast and efficient. We get a clean plastic zipper bag and we put 1 drop of oil for every 10 springs. We make sure that each drop of lube is in different areas of contact in the springs. Then we inflate the bag slightly with air so that the springs can shake. We then shake the bag in a circular motion so that all corners of the bag do not stack up oil. We shake the bag for around one minute. The springs are then placed in a dust free area.


Krytox 205g0 / Tribosys 3203 is also used for the stem portion of the switch. The stem is the most important part as it requires lots of precision. To hold the stem, we use a very efficient and easy to use tool called TX Switch Slider Picker by TX Keyboards. The brush is dipped into the lube and we stroke the brush again until all excess lube / white clumps are non-existent. The stem is divided into four different parts, the two rails on the side, the back side, the front side and the two legs.


We start with one rail by brushing it three times from the top to the bottom. Then the other side of the rail is brushed three times on the opposite side of the brush. We make sure there is absolutely NO excess lube / white clumps and there is just a shiny thin coat of lube on the rails.

Front Side / Legs

The frontside is the portion where the legs are attached. The Legs are NOT lubed for tactile switches to ensure pure tactility. But for linear switches, the legs are lubed first as we want to go in a certain order where most friction is in contact. The legs are lubed two times on each side of the brush. The bottom part of the legs are also lubed two times each. Then the front side of the stem is brushed six times.

Back Side

The backside is the very last part and it is brushed six times. Then we carefully put the stem back on the spring and re-assemble the switch.


Once the switch is reassembled, we place it on a switch tester and test if the switch is the same feeling as our prototype. We also want to make sure the lube slightly rubs against some parts to break in just a little bit. However all switches are not broken in as the batches of switches we lube are brand new. Which is why the maximum peak of smoothness is achieved when playing games or typing as it takes a while to break in switches.